May 28, 2023


Cases in India

Total covid-19 cases –  753

Total Active cases     –  668

Total Recovered        –  67

Total death                   –  18

What is COVID-19

In late 2019, a new corona virus emerged in central China (Wuhan,the capital of Hubei) to cause disease in humans. Cases of this disease, known as COVID-19, have since been reported across China and in many other countries around the globe. On January 30, 2020, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared the virus represents a public health emergency of international concern.
The first case of the 2019–20 corona virus pandemic in India was reported on 30 January 2020, originating from China. As of 26 March 2020, the Indian Council of Medical Research and Ministry of Health and Family Welfare have confirmed a total of 646 cases.The outbreak has been declared an epidemic in more than a dozen states and union territories.


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